Video Testimonials


‘Allow Customers To Do Your Marketing’

Video testimonials provide credible sources for your customers. They are great marketing tools to show your brands authority. Video Testimonials influence a customers buying decision. An honest video testimonial will have the power to convince even the toughest customers.

‘Your customers can provide vital information for future customers’

A good testimonial is from someone your audience can relate to. Your brand will invite customers to experience the benefits of your services.

Fix 8 Films understand the power of video testimonials, they create a helpful resource for your sales pipeline. We produce high quality case studies that reflect the strength of your brand. Creating professional video testimonials will build trust with your customer, they know what quality they will be getting from your brand.  An honest account from a loyal customer is what makes your brand reputable.

Let your customer do the marketing for you. Your brand deserves the praise and the rewards.

What We Offer And Do Best

Video Testimonials provide your customers with trust. Video Testimonials allow your customers to have a personal connection with a customers story, you can see the authenticity of their experiences and the emotion in the customers face.  Not only do they build trust, they allow for a better SEO exposure.

  • Video Testimonials: Allow your customers to do your marketing. They can explain how and why you were their best choice. Stand out from the competitors and grab your customers attention.
  • The Talking Head: Clear, simple and effective. A talking head interview can add value to your brand by featuring a variety of your customers talking about your brand and sharing their experiences.

Let Us Help You Share Your Customers Experience