Promotional Videos



‘Show Instead of Tell’

Promotional videos allow your brand to sell your products and services in a more interactive and engaging way. This will enable you to increase your brands exposure and become the expert within your industry. Having a promotional video shows the user what is on offer and it has been proven that websites using videos to market their products have a far better return on their investment.  Promotional videos allow your customers to remember your brand, products or services far better, a highly persuasive form of advertisement.

Have a product or service you want to promote?

You have got a customer to your website that is the easy part but how do you keep them there? How do you make them buy from you? Fix 8 Films offer a wide range of promotional video production services bespoke to your brands services and products. We start by understanding your brands identity, the products and the people driving the brand.

Our promotional videos reach your customers and persuade them to buy from you. We are strong storytellers, we create bespoke engaging films that promote your products and services. Not only do we have a fresh innovative approach to film-making, everything we do is for you. We work for you by working with you. We communicate your idea to the screen and make your vision possible.

We want to help you promote your brand, product or services to the masses. A challenge we want to take on to make your brand the best it can be.

What We Offer And Do Best

Promotional Videos allow you to show your customers what is on offer. It inspires the viewer to buy from you and has a better retention rate than text. The viewer can see who you are, how passionate you are about your brand and what your clients say about you. Promotional Videos also allow for better SEO ranking, as long as you share your content.

  • Promotional Videos: We produce videos that promote your brands services allowing you to attract new customers & increase brand recognition. Grab your customers attention & show them why your brand is stronger than your competitors.
  • Web Videos: Generate a following online, share your expertise with your audience. Web videos build upon your brands identity.
  • Case Study Videos: Show your audience what you do best. Share your clients experience, Why did they buy from you? Why do they trust you? Gain trust from future customers.

  • Product Demo Videos: Instead of telling your customers how great your product is, SHOW THEM. Educate your customers about your product and inspire them to buy from you.

  • Viral Videos: Create, engage, share & market. Let your video go viral & increase your exposure. Viral videos allow your brand to build authority & leave a memorable impression on your viewer.

Are You Ready To Start Telling Your Story?