Worcestershire LEP Conference

What We Did

We were commissioned to create a 3 minute talking head video featuring key speakers in Worcestershire. This video was to be played at the Worcestershire LEP 2016 Conference. We filmed a variety of speakers from local authority leaders, business owners & students. The idea was to capture what Worcestershire is doing well, what it means to live in Worcestershire and what there is still left to achieve. We added value to this project by adding smaller snippet videos to be used for the client on social media, this is a great way of marketing the larger video. 

About This Project

This is the main film we created for the Worcestershire LEP. This video was an overview account from all key individuals living in Worcestershire. This video was used to generate excitement and build upon existing success the LEP has already created. The video showcases key projects they are working on and what they need to improve on. The video premiered live at the WLEP 2016 Conference. 

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About This Project

To compliment the main film we created smaller engaging snippet videos to be used on social media. The aim was to use these smaller videos to traffic the larger video. We created these videos with the aim for the LEP to use these for future email marketing campaigns. With collected data they could use these for attracting new companies and interacting with existing businesses.