CMCA V-Guard 

What We Did

We were commissioned to create a promotional video for CMCA who were releasing an exciting new product called V-Guard. V-Guard is a mobile ‘Checkpoint’ system that can be deployed and operational in seconds with the ability to search and record a vehicles underside to detect any foreign objects via a cutting edge HD Camera. For this we wanted to make the video slick and interactive, we knew straight away we wanted to make some brand call out animations to make it unique for the user, they can see what is happening and how it all works.  Shot over 1 day we captured the setup process, the tablet process and packing V-Guard away. We enjoyed working on this and using animation with video as this is becoming very popular for a lot of promotional videos.

About This Project

The V-Guard system can instantly record a driver’s face, store number-plates in any weather and has a 360° sensor which can scan vehicles at speeds of up to 30mph, while also taking rear and front pictures to enable cross-referencing for ‘blacklisted vehicles. The entire system is contained in a portable case connected to a tablet via wireless link.