Rimilia | Heroes Start At Home 

What We Did

We pitched the idea of creating a brand advert for Rimilia and this video would not be about their products but about the lifestyle their products create. Their software solutions have made teams work better, faster and happier. What we wanted to do is involve a family who are close but rarely spend time together because of the Husband being away and working late. The ultimate message was by using Rimilia you can have that time with your family and become the hero at home. Shot over 2 days, we wanted to really make this film emotional because people can relate to missing family events. Instead of selling the benefits we all know how crucial family are and you can’t replace those moments once they have gone. Rimilia understood how this could really benefit their brand following in the footsteps of the ad giants like Amazon, Spotify and Chanel. 


About This Project

The project was created and shot over a couple of days, we spent a lot of time in Pre-Production developing the story and what family to use. This was important because we wanted to make the film plausible. What we wanted to do is make the film emotional so everyone could relate to it this is why advertising works. This film is now used in their marketing, events and general brand awareness.