Annual Report 2016

What We Did

Fix 8 Films were commissioned to create two separate annual report videos for Birmingham Children’s hospital and Birmingham Women’s hospital. Day one we filmed their chief exec Sarah-Jane Marsh and brought along our teleprompter to make it easier for Sarah-Jane. Each video had two different scripts. The 2nd day was for cutaways, this included getting a lot of B Roll at the Women’s hospital. Each video focused on the highlights, the financials and what they could have done better an honest account of the year overview. The annual report is long and informative addressing key information for the public to digest. 


About This Project

The annual report for Birmingham Children’s Hospital & Birmingham Women’s hospital focuses on key areas such as financials, achievements, what they could have done better and the demand on their services. The video goes into detail giving the public a visual way of digesting the information. Each of the videos are used now online and the videos were used at the AGM event in Birmingham