Event Video Production


‘We Capture The Moment When You Are At Your Best’

Event video production is a powerful way to capture you at your best. Filming your event is key to your video marketing strategy. You invite your customers to see what your event is all about and capture integral parts of the day. By having a highlight video of your event you will increase your brand awareness.

‘Event Video Production Is A Celebration Of Your Brands Achievements’

Event videos can attract new customers who can’t make your event, they can see quickly how great and successful the event was. You can capture indivduals talking on the day about the event, your brand and the atompshere making it more credible to the end user. 

Fix 8 Films offer a wide range of event video production services such as conferences, educational training, seminars and much more. We guide you through every decision making process to make sure we capture you at your absolute best. We help you with your video marketing strategies to further promote your video content. 

Event video production is cost effective because you can use these future highlight videos to promote further events via email marketing and social media campaigns. This will generate user excitement and increase your brand awareness. It creates a memorable reminder for years to come. 

 What We Offer And Do Best 

Event Video Production provides your customers to benefit from your event even if they can’t attend. Viewers can relive your event long after it is over. You can combine these videos into your marketing strategy, release key snippets of the event to engage your customers.  You can use these types of event videos to promote future events and generate excitement.

  • Event Videos: Live Events, highlight videos, music festivals, political affairs and much more. If you want it produced we can do this.
  • Networking Events:  Show businesses why your networking event is the one to attend and generate more business from this event.
  • Trade Shows & Exhibitions: Share your event & your brand to future customers. Never leave a moment unrecorded, Highlight videos allow your audience to relive that experience they missed.
  • Bespoke Event Packages: We want to capture your event and help you relive this excitement with your clients. We can bespoke a specific package for your event.

Excite & Inspire Your Clients With Your Next Live Event