Film Production & Documentary



“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out” –  Martin Scorsese

Film is an international language, everyone can relate to stories and characters. Film is very persuasive it manipulates our emotions and grips us from the start. Cinema involves us, it inspires us and it touches us. It is powerful because viewers receive your message and carry it with them.

‘Digital Cinema Is powerful, everyone wants to be told a good story’

Cinema provides escapism, we loose ourselves in a story. Cinema has one common goal: everyone wants to be told a story, we want to feel part of an experience shared with others. Cinema is now multi-platform you can view it in cinemas, online, on smartphones and other platforms. Allowing your messages to reach a far greater audience.

We create stories that allow audiences to connect with a brand/characters emotions and objectives. We are strong visual story-tellers.  Cinema is all about communication, Fix 8 Films allow your vision to be seen and shared with all types of audiences. We tell stories that we believe in.

You have a big blank canvas full of ideas, so let Fix 8 Films paint on it.  Let us tell a story that will move your audience.

What We Offer And Do Best

Film is an international language, viewers can relate to stories, surroundings and characters. This is what emotionally connects us to a films narrative. Film production is another way of communicating your message with your viewers, it is powerful because it involves the viewers emotion and is one of the most persuasive form of advertising.

  • Feature Films: From Script to Completion we are involved in every process supported by a talented team of professionals. We tell compelling stories that emotionally connect you to a film.
  • Short Films:  With smaller crews & dedicated visual storytellers we love to tell a good story. Award winning, we know what it takes to make a good film.
  • Cinematic Adverts: Versatile videos from 15 second Instagram videos to feature adverts. A powerful way to tell your brands story. Emotion is why advertising works.
  • Documentaries: We capture the truth, educate audiences about a topic, connect your audience with your brand. We tell stories that we believe need to be told.
  • Professional Crews: From Animators to VFX artists, we make sure we provide experts in their field.

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