Animation Services

“Animation combines everything, visuals, music, voice and text to educate and entertain”

Animation is a fun and engaging way to communicate your brands message. You may have a complex idea, product or service that needs little bit more explaining. Animation allows the user to engage with your video and digest the information quickly and more efficiently.  

Animation videos educate your customers about your brands services and products.  Fix 8 Films offer a range of effective animation services that are bespoke to your brands core values and your brief. We believe, like with any project strategy is key. We get to know your products and services and understand what makes them successful. We work with you to craft, develop and deploy your animation that will communicate with your customers.

Animation videos are cost effective, you don’t have to worry about production time and location limitations. They don’t cost more than TV Advertisements and target all major modalities. You can add to each video when you change or adapt your products or services. Remember strategy first content second.

What We Offer And Do Best

Animation is not constrained by limitations, it tells your story and captures your viewers attention far greater than static print. Animation attracts a wider audience which enables you to build your brands authority. 

  • Bespoke Animations: We design and transform your ideas into a bespoke animations.We script, design, consult and create your animation. We make your vision possible.
  • Explainer Videos: Educate & inform your viewers. Explainer videos allow your audience to understand your services, brand or product in a memorable way, perfect for brand awareness.
  • Motion Graphics: Grab attention and retain customers, Motion graphics are an engaging way to inspire your customers and build your brand awareness. They will remember motion graphics far better than basic text.

  • Logo Stings: We design and animate your logo to your specification and make your brand stand out from your competitors

Are You Ready To Start Telling Your Story?